Fire and Ice  Dan Strothers Fine Art

Fire and Ice Dan Strothers Fine Art

Fine Art and particularly contemporary fine art is alive and well in Miami, Florida. The first full day of Miami’s biggest Fine Art show seemed to this reporter to have a relatively low turnout but with good sales. There were never any lines to buy tickets which has been normal in years past, but many art works were being wrapped and red dots abounded.

Gloss finished abstracts were abundant but none were executed with more skill and power than Dan Strothers Fine Art. Florida artist Dan Strothers’ art comes alive from the process he uses to make light dance across these wooden canvasses as in “Fire and Ice” shown to the left.

At the show’s, there was some truly wonderful contemporary art along with the usual (WHAT THE HECK?) but I will get into that in another post. The Galleries that exhibit come from all over the world, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, Buenos Aries, to name a few,  so it was interesting to see what they brought with transportation costs so high.


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Dan Strothers Fine Art

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