Another Storm 2 - 60" x 48"

Another Storm 2 – 60″ x 48″

Sarasota, Florida artist Dan Strothers is well known for creating colorful abstracts that are exciting and bold. Many of his works are reminiscent of the many years of sailing, fishing and scuba diving in crystal clean waters. His many years on the water have left images that influence his art and so he is introducing a new series of work entitled Seascapes and Waterscapes.


The new series will more impressionistic than pure abstract or figurative. In the work shown to the left, entitled, “Another Storm 2″, the viewer can clearly see a grey stormy sky with an ocean full of waves. A nice balance is achieved between the calming effect of the blue waves and the unsettling dark sky.


Please contact Dan Strothers Contemporary Art for more information about this or any artwork on this website or click on the Exhibitions page and contact the gallery nearest you with whom the artist is currently represented.


Florida Artist contemporary art




wall art Ft LauderdaleDan Strothers is very pleased to announce his association with MAC Fine Art, 833 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. Says the artist, “I am excited to work with gallery owner Mary Ann Cohen and to have my work on display in her gallery.” Mr. Strothers has artworks varying in sizes up to 96″ x 48″ at the gallery including “Squall”, pictured here, an 84″ x 35″ 2-d wall sculpture. Please contact Mac Fine Art for more information about the Dan Strothers artwork in the gallery.



Florida Artist contemporary art

Wall art Sarasota FL art gallery

Florida artist Dan Strothers creates contemporary wall art like this new sculptural piece shown here. “Driftwood” is made with wood veneers that are tinted and glued in an abstract collage to form the art work that is shown in the picture. An exhaustive finishing process leaves the work with a beautiful satin luster. The picture shows how the artist sees “Driftwood”, but it may be hung any number of ways.

Dan Strothers Fine Art of Sarasota, FL would be happy to show interested collectors this and all the artist’s work and even discuss commissions if nothing is available suit your needs. Contact us for any information or an appointment to visit the gallery.





Florida Artist contemporary art


The Reef

The Reef

Florida artist Dan Strothers has lived his life around the ocean; sailing and scuba diving, so its no wonder that so many of his art works have water themes to them. ” The Reef” is a creation evolved from the artist’s scuba diving experiences. In the abstract work, “The Reef”, one can perhaps imagine a watery background with coral heads in the foreground. This is a smaller piece measuring 13″ x 23″.

“The Reef” is what Dan Strothers Fine Art calls a wooden abstraction but the artist also creates contemporary sculpture and soon will release the “Eden Series”. Please see his exhibition page for his many exhibitions along the Eastern Seaboard and contact the gallery with any questions.






Florida Artist

Miami artist Contemporary artist Dan Strothers fits right into the Miami art scene with his brightly colored wooden abstractions.  The triptych shown here, entitled “Nebula 11″ measures 80″ x 48″. The colored masses seem to be floating above a sea of negative space created by the artist with a depth of blackness that must be seen to be appreciated. Each piece is a wood veneer or a number of veneers arranged on panel as an abstract collage.  Dan Strothers also does contemporary sculpture in a similar manner.

Dan Strothers Fine Art has exhibited extensively throughout Florida, including Miami, with his gallery in Sarasota. Please contact the gallery for more information regarding any of Dan Strothers art including his soon to debut “Eden Series”.


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