The Reef 2Contemporary Fine Art, like this sculptural art work is what artist Dan Strothers is all about. The image shown here is entitled “The Reef 2″ and is a small work, but if the reader has not viewed Mr. Strothers’ art in person, this artwork will work well for study.

The Artist uses wood veneers and colors each and then glues them down on a substrate in an abstract collage to create an organic fine art work. The art is then covered with a polymer coating.  If one clicks on the artwork to the left, one will get a larger view with much better detail of the art piece. As can be seen, Dan Strothers carefully chooses the wood veneers for their grain pattern and beauty. In this work, the blue colored wood is maple and so is the orange. The orange maple is maple burl. The yellow wood is Karelian burl, which is a species of birch and the brown wood is Redwood burl (taken from a naturally fallen tree). The larger image gives one a better idea of what Dan Strothers Fine Art looks like but viewing it in person is truly an eye opening experience. So go to the exhibitions page and visit an art gallery where this Florida artist is exhibiting or contact us and set up an appointment for a visit.


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