Tree of Life  Dan Strothers Sculpture

Tree of Life Dan Strothers Sculpture

Are the Fine Art Galleries in your area getting stale? Are the Art Galleries in Naples, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton showing the same work that you’ve seen and not really loved? Are you looking to acquire a fine art work that is not at your local art gallery  in Tampa, St Petersburg or Orlando?  At Dan Strothers Fine Art, we understand and we also understand that you don’t want to wait for the large art shows with their inflated prices. We also understand that you may be too busy or may not want to drive across the state to search for exactly that perfect piece.  So what’s the answer…

Please view Dan Strothers Fine Art website and contact our representative, if you feel that you might be interested in acquiring some artwork from us, arraignments can be made for both residential and corporate clients to bring the art to you for approval within the state of Florida.

At Dan Strothers Fine Art, we think you deserve to see the best contemporary fine art available regardless of where you live or where the art may be.








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