Atlantis 2 Dan Strothers Fine Art

Atlantis 2 Dan Strothers Fine Art

Dan Strothers Fine Art has been invited by Tampa Electric Company, 702 North Franklin St. Tampa, Fl. 33602 to a solo exhibition of the artist’s work at TECO Public Art Gallery of the same address. The exhibition will be held during January and February of 2015 with an opening talk by the artist not yet set. This exhibition in Tampa will include between 10 and 15 recent artworks including two dimensional wall art and sculpture.

Strothers work is contemporary abstract mixed media, made primarily with wooden veneers which are infused with pigment and glued on panel as an abstract collage and covered with a thick layer of polymer resin. The result is beautiful art that comes alive and inspires the viewer. Contact Dan Strothers Fine Art to keep abreast of this and future events.




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