"Spot"  8' W x 4' H

“Spot” 8′ W x 4′ H

Ft Lauderdale has a thriving fine art community. On Las Olas Blvd, the iconic shopping district, there are many fine art galleries as well as other fashionable destinations selling wonderful objects. But that’s not all of course, The FAT Village Arts District and FAT Art Walk are must see. They offer the work of local artists in a more grassroots, “village” approach.  Contemporary art dominates Las Olas and Fat Village and Ft Lauderdale as a whole.

Dan Strothers Fine Art creates Contemporary Art like the Abstract diptych  shown at the left. “Spot” is a large work measuring fully 8 feet across and 4 feet high. Mr. Strothers has those difficult to find large scale fine art works that are beautiful and vividly colorful. The artist has shown in over 50 art exhibitions including four museum exhibitions in his 10 years as being a professional artist.



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