Signed Frame by Artist - WHO CARES

Signed Frame by Artist – WHO CARES

As I was leaving Miami’s Fine Art extravaganza of Art Basil and all it’s sister shows, I couldn’t help but think that amid the great art there was also the other art. I am taken back to 60 Minutes’ Morley Safer in 2012 talking about Art Basil when asked what he thought of contemporary art. Safer laughed, and said, “Look, on this very broadcast, I guess in this very chair only a few days ago, (art critic) Jerry Saltz, I think, conservatively estimated that 85 percent of it was rubbish. He used a stronger word. And I think he was being conservative. I think it’s more like 95 percent.”


Well, Contemporary Fine Art is in the eye of the beholder for sure and 85% I agree, I would not hang in my home. The key to buying fine art is to find something you absolutely love, regardless of what the gallery says or how you think it will appreciate. It will be yours and you will be the one enjoying it or getting rid of it.  Many Fine Art Galleries like the snob affect so hanging rubbish is cool to them. Take the photo to the left… This is a frame that is apparently signed on the back by some artist that the gallery is trying to sell. Isn’t that nice?




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