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Tree of Life

Tree of Life – Sculpture by Dan Strothers Fine Art (Click on Image to View Larger)


Dan Strothers Fine Art Sculptures are contemporary abstract art which are three dimensional or organic shaped versions of his wooden abstractions.

Dan Strothers Fine Art is in part a natural evolution from Dan’s love affair with exotic wood and his incredible wood finishing techniques. His eye for great interior design and his many years designing and building boats and furniture makes contemporary fine art a natural progression. Dan Strothers has the idea that art should be beautiful, natural and stir up emotions of love and fabulous recollections of past places and experiences and inspire the viewer for future endeavors. Bright colors and earth tones can both excite you and soothe you so having them in balance is important. The artist uses intense color to dramatize certain areas of the wooden canvas and then may use black as “negative space”, brown earth tones or any other contrasting color to give the artwork balance. This is the same way a flower in blossom, a sunset, a distant galaxy or a microscopic particle looks if viewed through an abstract lens.


Dan Strothers creates his original contemporary wall art in two distinctly different styles, both abstract. The first is similar to a painting with square edges, but Dan does not use watercolor, oil paint or acrylic paint in the traditional sense. His canvas is wood so “Wooden Abstractions” more accurately describes them. The second is sculpture or wall art sculpture. Most of the artwork are collages or mixed media composed of natural materials, mostly wood veneers but sometimes including stone and metal with a layer of polymer resin on top. Whether they are wooden abstractions, wall sculpture or mixed media they are all built in a similar way. The artist’s material is glued on a wooden canvas in an organic shape or theme to create art that is full of emotion.

Please go to Mr. Strothers exhibition page to view his past and present shows and contact him with inquiries for information.

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