Dan Strothers Fine Art Wood Seascapes

Seascapes and Waterscapes                  

Dan Strothers first fell in love with the water when he was 12 years old and his father fulfilled a lifelong dream of purchasing a sailboat. It was an older homemade 28 foot long boat that needed to be kept a long way from the rolling hills of Bucks County, Pa. just north of Philadelphia where the family lived. The artist’s father decided that the Chesapeake Bay was the best spot for this little coastal cruiser to teach him how to sail and to embark on the adventures of a weekend sailor’s life.

Dan instantly fell in love with the sailing, the scenery and the life style and never looked back. Today, Dan lives in Florida and has sailed, fished and scuba dived ever since. It influences every aspect of his life. The most dramatic inspiration is in his artwork. His art started out being purely abstract, but over time, the profuse images of past experiences have surfaced into more impressionistic creations. His dad is passed now, but the seascapes and waterscapes whether figurative, abstract or a little of both, all started way back when.

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