"A Storm" Dan Strothers Fine Art

“A Storm” Dan Strothers Fine Art

Winter residents are arriving to Florida and many have purchased new homes in Naples, Sarasota, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Others may be remodeling or have come searching for that perfect new home. Home inventory is good with mortgage rates low, although in the upper end of the market, many buyers are choosing to purchase with all cash sales. With the economic meltdown largely behind us and the stock market at all time highs, the environment is conducive for large home sales. Waterfront properties are in great demand in the coastal cities but there are large communities and huge home sites in the Orlando area if one prefers.

After one purchases a large home, it can be difficult to find fine art that one both loves and that is on a scale that works for the large walls. Dan Strothers Fine Art creates abstract art in two types; sculptural wall art and “square edged” as “A Storm” is pictured here. “A Storm” is a diptych that measures 48″ x 72″ and is a beautiful example of contemporary art. Mr. Strothers has exhibited in galleries and museums up and down the east coast of the United States and has art collectors across North America and Europe so you can be assured that Dan Strothers Fine Art is some of the finest art you’ll see.


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