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Dan Strothers Abstract at Hilton Hotel West Palm Beach

Dan Strothers Abstract at Hilton Hotel West Palm Beach (Click on Image for Larger View)


Dan Strothers Fine Art paintings and wooden abstractions are contemporary fine art which essentially are collages of pigmented infused wood and other natural materials such as stone and metal glued on a wooden canvas and covered in a thick layer of polymer resin.

These abstracts are made in two generic types: square edged and sculpture. The square edged pieces, called “Wooden Abstractions” or simply paintings, have 3/4” thick edges with a 2” framework built on the back to both stiffen the panel and to hide the hanging hardware. The sculptural works have a relatively thin edge (about 3/16” thick) with the same 2” framework on the back. When viewing the images of the sculptures,  the area outside the irregular edge is the wall on which the art is hanging and not part of the art.

The inspiration for the Dan Strothers contemporary wall art comes from the beauty of these natural materials and the extraordinary experiences that the artist has had. Please read the rest of the site for more insight or contact Mr. Strothers for more information. To view a partial exhibition history, visit the exhibition page.

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